At Ladybird, we have undoubtedly become known for having Gold Coast’s best oysters. We have a selection of hot and cold oysters so when you’re looking for the “best oysters near me” head straight to Ladybird Restaurant & Bar.

We source our oysters from Tasmania and South Australia and choose only Pacific Oysters. Pacific oysters are a larger oyster and more consistent in term of quality and size.

Given the amount of oyster platters we sell every week, we order and receive every day our fresh oyster delivery so we guarantee, you will never be let down with the quality, freshness, taste and texture of our oysters.

Our selection of oyster is also quite extensive compared to most restaurants with 6 types of oysters available, both hot and cold. Our house made dressings are exceptionally balanced and complement and enhance our oysters with texture, flavour, crunch and heat and this is why our guests tell us that we truly have ‘ the best oysters’ in the Gold Coast.